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Capitalize on the flexible infrastructure that cloud computing offers. Get LogicMonitor.


LogicMonitor’s pre-configured, hosted monitoring solution will tell you everything you need to know about the health of your systems, and proactively alert you to any issues, without you having to spend days becoming a monitoring expert, or purchase any costly hardware. Best of SaaS Showplace Award Winner.

  • Proactive email + SMS alerting

    Ensure the right people get the right alerts at the right time. Route alerts by host name, group, service, or even time of day. Escalate alerts through groups of contacts. Acknowledge, escalate or respond to alerts from your phone.

  • Unified view

    View health and performance of network, servers, applications, databases, storage, power, and more from a single web-based console.

  • Dashboards

    Easily create and share custom views that show what matters to you.

  • Interactive Graphs

    Zoom in to the last hour, zoom out to the past year, remove or add lines to get exactly the view you are looking for. Faster troubleshooting, quicker problem resolution.

  • Custom graphs

    Need to see storage usage of all business units in your enterprise, across multiple data centers? Custom graphs will let you plot that (or anything else) quickly and easily.

  • Reporting

    Get periodic reports for alerts, performance metrics, and SLA statistics emailed to you or executives so you can stay informed of key metrics.

  • Easy Setup

    No need to know what to monitor, or spend hours configuring. Simply enter a host name or IP address and LogicMonitor will automatically discover everything about the device, and start monitoring, graphing, and alerting.

  • Cloud Ready

    Automatically detects when new machine instances are launched or destroyed, and adds/removes them from monitoring automatically.

  • Maintenance-free SaaS architecture

    No upfront costs. No hardware to buy. No systems to maintain. Free upgrades. Month-to-month. Cancel if your needs change. Deploys in minutes.

  • All-inclusive pricing

    Unlimited number of users, agents, monitors, and free support included in monthly subscription.

  • From $99/month. Start a 14-day free trial at