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Axence nVision Free
Axence nVision Free - Professional Network Monitoring

Axence nVision Free - Integrated IT Management

What you get for free in Axence nVision Free:

Network discovery and visualization
  • nVision Server: network scanning, detection of devices and TCP/IP services, web access with browser
  • nVision Console: interactive network maps, user maps, branches, intelligent maps, pop-up menu with definable own tools
Network monitoring
  • Unlimited number of monitored devices
  • TCP/IP services: response time and correctness, packets received/lost statistics (PING, SMB, HTTP, POP3, SNMP, IMAP, SQL, etc.)
  • WMI counters: CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, network traffic, etc.
  • SNMP v1/2/3 counters: network traffic, temperature, humidity, power supply voltage, toner level, etc.
  • File distribution with use of WMI
  • MIB file compiler
Alerts and reports
  • Event/action alarms for network monitoring and SNMP and WMI counters
  • Notifications (on desktop, by e-mail, by SMS) and repair actions (program launch, computer restart, etc.)
  • Reports (for user, device, branch, network maps or entire atlas)
Hardware and software inventory
  • List of applications and Windows updates on single workstation (registry)
  • Software serial numbers (keys)
  • Overview of workstation hardware
  • System info (startup commands, user accounts, shared folders, SMART details, etc.)
  • Software template database
User activity monitoring
  • User activity overview
  • Top 10 of visited web pages
Help for network users
  • Trouble ticket database
  • Creating and managing trouble tickets (assigning to administrators with e-mail notification)
  • Comments, attachments in the trouble tickets
Device/data media access control
  • Devices currently connected to computers
  • List of all devices currently connected to the network
  • Protection of agent against deleting
  • Axence netTools
  • Comments, attachments in the trouble tickets