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ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server

SMS Messaging Server is an SMS messaging framework that enables companies to send, receive and process SMS messages. The framework is designed support virtually any scenario where low-and high volume SMS messaging is used. SMS Messaging supports GSM Modems, GSM Phones (GSM 07.05 and GSM 07.07 specs), SMPP 3.x, POP3 and SMTP.

SMS Messaging Server can be fully scripted through the widely adopted VBScript scripting language.

Use SMS Messaging Server where:

  • Mobile Users are able to query databases for stock quantities, new orders or customer information
  • Mobile users can receive critical information while they are away from the office
  • Mobile users can receive notifications when important e-mails (from specific users or with specific subjects) have arrived
  • Companies can route urgent calls to the service personnel
  • Companies can send daily (stock) prices to their personnel or customers
  • Remote workers can update their time sheets
  • IT personnel can remotely restart services or reboot servers
  • Multimedia companies - like radio stations and television stations - can setup their own voting system, enabling customers to bring out votes and request voting reports
  • Entertainment companies - like bars and dancing's - can send out information about special events to their customers
  • Emergency Response Centers can offer a service to locals to report crime by a short message


As-U-Type is an award-winning, smart OS-level real-time spellcheck and speed typing software that works with all Windows programs toincrease your typing accuracy and productivity.

The software can adaptitself to your keyboarding habits, spell check and automatically correctspelling mistakes as you type, automate difficult and repetitive typingtasks, allow copy and paste multiple text pieces simultaneously, andsupport several other spell check and speed typing solutions not knownbefore to protect you from making mistakes and save you lots of time,giving you mistake-free and fast typing.Among others, it can:
(*) Spell check as you type, beep and red underline every mistake you maymake while typing.
(*) Automatically make spelling correction as you type for both commonspelling errors made by your typing motor and all other mistakesaccidentally made such as by finger slip.
(*) Automate difficult and repetitive typing tasks by automaticallyexpanding a text shortcut into a long text string.
(*) Allow you to copy and paste several text pieces at a time by a singlekeyboard shortcut.
(*) Memorize and learn your keyboarding habit and mistake patterns andbecome smarter with use.
(*) Work with all Windows applications including all word processors,e-mail composers, web browsers, instant messengers, spreadsheetapplications, online forums, newsgroups and chat rooms.
(*) Simple, easy-to-use, stable, fast and very practical. It was developedwith you in mind. Every aspect - installation, configuration, and use -was created to be as simple and easy as possible. It requires noprerequisite skill, comes with preset settings and supports automaticworking modes, so you can get the software up and running in no time.Whether you are a hunt-and-peck typist or a touch-typing power user,As-U-Type will minimize your mistakes, speed up your typing, save youeffort and make more efficient use of your time. Free download and freetry!

Fanix Software


MetaLAN is a systems management, remote computing, software audit / software license tracking and hardware inventory tool offering agent-less management of the Windows computers on your network.

  • Added Summary Window/Tool
  • Added alert by duplicate MAC
  • Added BIOS version information to scan
  • Added OEM Strings information to scan
  • Improved report performance
  • Tested on Windows 8
  • Expanded recognised chassis types
  • Updated filters
  • Added network latency per node
  • Add network latency per subnet report
  • Update bundled VNC to TightVNC 2.6
  • Added explore computer to browser
  • Enhanced computer detail in browser can be copied
  • Added report by Discovery Date
  • Add report by OS Install Date
  • Alpha-numeric sorts in main browser were case sensitive
  • Chassis information would not display
  • CPU Reported as unknown until CPU details viewed
  • Fixed crash when Process Viewer connected to a computer that is shutdown
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Server 2012, Server 2008 R1/R2, 2003, XP, 32bit and 64bit supported
  • MetaLAN Server 2.6 is required for Server Mode
Hammer Sofware

Complete Cleanup

Complete Cleanup displays all your file statistics, improves pcperformance, and cleans up all cookies, cache files, history files,ActiveX controls and java applets, search engine data and auto forms data.

As you browse the internet many websites store information aboutyour browsing habits on your computer. Every webpage you browse is alsostored on your machine, and this can allow anyone who shares your computerwith you to snoop and view what type of websites you have been visiting.Complete Cleanup displays all your file statistics, improves pcperformance, and cleans up all cookies, cache files, history files,ActiveX controls and java applets, search engine data and auto forms data,previous passwords and userid entries, index.dat files, and location URLsfor all versions of IE, Netscape, AOL, Mozilla, or MSN Explorer. This alsoperforms many other disk cleanups, including your recent documents list,temp files, excess index files, and various registry entries, along withthe ability for secure file wiping, so the cleaned files cannot berecovered at a later time. Cleanups can be run automatically in thebackground, and a built-in cache viewer is also provided. You can evenchoose to keep or view individual cookies, and you can enter any of yourown personal cleanups which you would like to add to the cleanup list.This software will also improve the performance and disk reading speed ofyour pc. Simply run the self-extracting file to install. (Runs on allWindows systems).


CrossTec Remote Control

Award-Winning CrossTec Remote Control enables authorized users to easily and securely access and control multiple Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, CE or even legacy DOS systems. Users can access a remote PC from their desktop, Pocket PC, IE Browser or via a portable USB flash-drive. Ideal for remote access, help desks and training, CrossTec Remote provides full control of the remote PC’s screen, keyboard and mouse just as if you were seated at that computer.

CrossTec Remote Control® software is designed to provide you with vital tools to help you access, control and support computers across your operation.

Specializing in challenging or compliance limiting environments, with CrossTec Remote Control® software you can easily and securely reach any desktop or server from a multitude of mobile or stationary platforms.

See and control remote PC screens, inventory hardware and software, launch applications or chat with someone at the remote PC -- just as if you were seated at that computer. CrossTec's Communication Gateway provides secure and stable access from remote locations. Access more than a single PC remotely, and no expensive hardware.

Specializing in challenging or compliance limiting environments, with CrossTec Remote Control® software you can easily and securely reach any desktop or server from a multitude of mobile or stationary platforms.

See and control remote PC screens, inventory hardware and software, launch applications or chat with someone at the remote PC -- just as if you were seated at that computer. CrossTec's Communication Gateway provides secure and stable access from remote locations. Access more than a single PC remotely, and no expensive hardware.

CrossTec SchoolVue

Using CrossTec SchoolVue, an Instructor can broadcast their screen, multimedia files, or any user’s screen to other participants; record and playback screen sessions; monitor students as they work; carry on bidirectional text or audio conversations and lectures; create, administer, monitor and automatically grade tests; remote control a PC for one-on-one instruction and much more.

CrossTec SchoolVue software provides teachers with an instant, on demand connection to their student technology.

CrossTec SchoolVue software offers real solutions to real problems:

Classroom management software has been proven to improve learning by giving students more time on lessons and providing educators with more efficient us of teaching time.

SchoolVue software delivers instant, on demand technical support to the teacher when needed.

Eliminate in appropriate technology use.

SchoolVue software is the most reliable and efficient classroom management tool in 1:1 environments.

DynIP Client for Windows

DynIP's dynamic DNS technology assigns a static name to a dynamic IP address. DynIP supports various connection types such as dial-up, cable modem, wireless, DSL and LAN and can be used with most common routers and firewalls.

Use an Internet Name instead of static IP address for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), security cameras and remote access applications.

Business users can achieve significant savings over conventional business IP addressing with all of the flexibility and control. Many business users find the single biggest benefit to using DynIP software is its much lower cost when compared to establishing a static IP address.


CrossTec EMS provides modular, easy to integrate, desktop & user management tools; Straightforward software distribution; Powerful HW/SW inventory and asset management; Secure, cross-platform, remote control; Plus Internet and application metering, monitoring & reporting.

Create PC usage, Internet access and Inventory reports by user, department, group or company. Monitor & alert on network changes.

Find newly installed HW & SW; Locate available hard drive storage; See CPU, BIOS, memory and even available slots.

CrossTec Corp.


Prevent data leakage to portable devices.

Are you aware of all the devices - USB sticks, CDs, floppies, smartphones, MP3 players, handhelds, iPods, digital cameras - that have been connected to your network? As an administrator, do you know how many employees have been using or are using portable storage devices at the moment? Monitoring your network for these devices is not only time-consuming but nearly impossible to do manually. With GFI’s free web utility EndPointScan you can actually check within minutes what devices are or have been connected to computers in your network and by whom!

Often the weakest link in security is not the technology but the people who use it. The extensive use of portable storage devices on your network can expose it to unintentional and malicious security threats and result in data theft, virus attacks, legal complications and loss of productivity. Knowing what devices are on your network today is the first step towards minimizing these risks which can be mitigated with endpoint security software.



  ipMonitor: Turnkey availability monitoring designed for small businesses
  to ensure your network, servers, & applications are always up!

To keep on top of what's happening with all of those moving parts, youneed an easy-to-use, reliable monitoring solution that enables you toget a leg up on problems before you get swamped with calls from thosehigh-maintenance users over in accounting.

ipMonitor delivers out-of-the-box availability monitoring that isperfect for small- and medium-sized businesses. With ipMonitor, youalways know exactly what's happening with your applications, servers,and network devices. Plus, ipMonitor includes a built-in database andWeb server, so you don't need to install anything but ipMonitor - makingit fast, affordable, and easy, even if you don't have a PhD in networkmanagement.

ipMonitor Highlights:

  • Quickly discovers IP-based network devices and automatically recommends SmartMonitor settings for each device - a huge time savings as no manual configuration is required
  • Performs out-of-the-box monitoring of Active Directory®, DNS, Microsoft® Exchange, FTP, Web, IMAP, MS SQL Server™, SMTP, and more
  • Enables both logical and dynamic grouping of devices to facilitate organization and management
  • Monitors end-user experience with synthetic transactions
  • Creates customizable network maps that enable you to visually monitor network data and to drill down to take immediate corrective actions
  • Automates recovery and remediation actions to reduce downtime
  • Provides a cutting-edge user interface and dashboard that enable you to quickly get a clear view of the health of your network and application infrastructure
  • Leverages SNMP, WMI, and RPC for agent-less monitoring of critical applications and systems

Macro Scheduler

Macro Scheduler lets you create macros to control your Windowsapplications, automate software processes and assign tasks to scheduledevents, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys.

Perform complex tasks with a singlemouse click, or schedule your computer to perform tasks while you're inconference or travelling. Power users will appreciate the ability tocompile scripts into standalone EXE files, which can be launched on anyWindows PC, and an integrated script debugger aids the creation of complexmacros. MacroScript, the Macro Scheduler script language, now supportssubroutines and array type variables. Scripts can also include MicrosoftVBScript code, combining the power and ease of use of the Macro Schedulerscript engine with the popular syntax of VBScript, and allowing increasedflexibility and advanced OLE/ActiveX automation. Macro Scheduler saves youtime by allowing you to create scripts or record macros to automate anytask. More than 200 script commands and standard programming constructsinclude the ability to send keystrokes and mouse events to otherapplications, wait for windows to open and close, make a particular windowactive, perform internet tasks, run programs and commands, execute files,read from and write to files, copy, move and delete files, and controlapplications with DDE. You don't have to be - or hire - a programmer touse Macro Scheduler. For complete ease of use, you can record macros toautomatically create efficient, reliable scripts that can be edited andmodified later. Recorded macros can even be compiled into standaloneWindows applications. From running regular disk maintenance to generatingfinancial reports, controlling file transfers and downloading e-mail,Macro Scheduler lets your computer work while you're not there. Byoperating at the user level it is application-independent and allowsautomation of repetitive, time consuming tasks. Automate intricatesoftware processes and save wasted time and money.

MJT Net Ltd

MetaLAN Windows Systems Management

MetaLAN is a small, fast, reliable and easy to use Windows network management system. It is agent-less, meaning no software needs to be installed on the network computers for full integration and control. It can be run standalone or as a server side service that collects data from the network on a continual basis for a team of administrators and helpdesk staff.

MetaLAN is a systems management, remote computing, software audit / software license tracking and hardware inventory tool.

Whether you are in charge or planning new server and workstationinfrastructure or supporting users day to day, MetaLAN provides the tools toget the job done without fuss. Remote control, real time reporting, Wake OnLAN, remote shutdown, hardware inventory, storage tracking, software licensecompliance, health monitoring, registry search and manipulation are justsome of the features included. The licensing model means you don't need topay extra if you hire additional staff or contractors.

Comprehensive help is provided. However, because of our design philosophy,most users will need no training or help to manage the computers, softwareand users on your network.

Hammer Software

Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor audits all network software and hardwaresimply and efficiently. Network Inventory Advisor automaticallyqueries all network assets and builds ready-to-use network inventoryreports.

It stores inventory snapshots of the whole network and allowstracking all hardware changes, auditing software licenses andcollecting invaluable network data. With Network Inventory Advisor youcan manage Windows, Mac OS, Linux nodes and other network devices inone place.

ClearApps LLC

Password Protect

Password Protect allows you to lock, encrypt and protect an unlimited number of folders with your passwords.

  • Download the free 30-day trial version
  • Get the full version for your computer for only $39.95.
  • Save $10 by ordering Password Protect for both your laptop and desktop.

Install the program and see how easy it is to password protect a folder on your hard drive, USB external and removable drives.

PC Spy

This software allows you to capture and save screen images whileyou are away from your computer, showing you exactly what was being viewedon your computer at specific intervals.

All screens can be captured,including chat windows, email windows, webpages, and anything else shownon the monitor at specific intervals. PC Spy runs completely hidden in thebackground, and all captured screenshots are only viewable with the PC Spysoftware. You simply select activate and how often to capture thescreenshots, and the software will begin working without any notice to theuser. You can also set a start-time if you wish for the software to beginduring a later time, and there is even a picture compression level to setwhich allows you to save disk space on captured screens. This software isstand alone and runs in memory, so it can be run from a diskette, leavingno trace of the software on the computer for anyone to get suspicious.(Runs on all Windows systems).


ServersCheck Environmental Sensors

ServersCheck markets affordable IP enabled sensors for monitoringenvironmental conditions in server rooms: temperature, humidity, powerfailure and water detection.

The sensors are managed and monitored through the ServersCheck MonitoringSoftware.

This software is available as a download version or as astandalone appliance. It runs on a central system and monitors all networkbased sensors over tcp/ip from one single location.

When a problem is detected, alerts can be generated via email, SMS (cellphone text messages), telephone voice calls (using text-to-speech), signaltower (visual and audible alerts), and much more.

By using a GSM modem alerts are sent over the cell phone network. Thisensures that alerts are still sent even when the internet or internalnetwork connection is down. SMS messages can also be sent to the softwareto obtain status information. Check out the live SMS demo available on ourwebsite.

Companies around the worl are using ServersCheck's products to monitor,report and alert on their systems availability and/or conditions. Thesolution is available in 38 languages. A free trial version of the softwarecan be downloaded from the link below.


Super Folder Lock Software

Folder Lock lets you password-protect files, folders and drives; encrypt your important files on-the-fly.

Backup them in real-time; protect portable drives; shred files & drives and clean history. Folder Lock is the most downloaded file-security application with more than 25 million users. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.


Super Utilities

Super Utilities is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

These utilities include Disk Cleaner,Registry Cleaner,Uninstall Plus,StartUp Manager,Folder Guard,Tracks Washer,Super ExeLock, Super Undelete ,Driver Backup,Auto Shutdown,Windows Manager, Process Manager, Super Shell and Folder Size. You can get your system running at peak performance levels in few minutes with it.


System Mechanic

Keep your PC running faster, cleaner, and error-free, and noweven speed-up your internet connection with System Mechanic's full suiteof 15 powerful tools.

This set of easy to use, but non-intrusive toolswill allow you to find and fix problems with your system, ensurereliability and speed, as well as properly maintain your PC so thatproblems don't occur. The tools included are as follows:

  • Speed up your Internet and network connection by up to 300%
  • Clean and optimize your system registry
  • Tweak and customize almost 100 undocumented settings in Windows
  • Consolidate critical system maintenance into one easy step with new Maintenance Wizard
  • Hunt down and remove junk and obsolete files and drivers
  • Maintain privacy and security by eliminating tracks left behind while using your computer or surfing the web.
  • Properly and securely remove such items as browser cache, cookies, and their history files.
  • Find, fix, or remove broken Windows shortcuts
  • Find and remove invalid uninstaller information
  • Find and remove duplicate files and drivers
  • Securely delete files and folders
  • Manage the programs that start when Windows does
  • Track and report on changes made to your system when installing programs
  • Schedule system maintenance to take place unattended
  • Log statistical information and quantify benefits of all above tools
  • Automatically keep System Mechanic up-to-date with its self-healing WebUpdate feature

TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities configures your system, repairs problems, optimizes performance.

TuneUp Utilities:

  • configures your system and provides information about it. TuneUp SystemControl allows you to customize your operating system to your needs. You can modify optical effects, security settings, input options and the memory management system.
  • it repairs problems and removes unnecessary clutter. A lot of unrequired garbage collects on your hard disk during normal usage. TuneUp® DiskCleaner scans your hard disk for unnecessary files and removes them.
  • it optimizes the performance of your PC. TuneUp MemOptimizer monitors your system in the background and automatically optimizes your memory when it's required.
  • it helps you manage and control your system. Use TuneUp Process Manager to find out which programs are using your memory and to end unwanted applications.
  • it recovers files and protects your privacy. TuneUp Shredder protects your privacy by securely deleting sensitive files. Recover deleted files using TuneUp Undelete.


watchDirectory responds to changes in monitored folders by performing a user-defined task.

WatchDirectory automates all your file-based tasks!

Just for example - you can tell watchDirectory to monitor a directory and automatically copy any new files to another location. Or perhaps have it compress (ZIP), email, upload or delete the files. This is all automatic! Never forget to copy that file again!

Run and Forget!

Select a predefined task, tailor it to your needs, then run it and stop worrying. Trust watchDirectory to monitor your directories and respond correctly, time after time.


Use the Wx Remote Control Center to start and stop your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks from one central location - Your Helpdesk.Also included is a small webserver so you can start and stop task from a browser or your mobile phone!

Save time!

Never have to manually check that directory again! watchDirectory does it for you!10 minutes saved per day equals 60 hours per year! How much is your time worth?

Real-time response!

watchDirectory responds in real time, as soon a directory changes.Compare that to manually checking the same directories twice daily - you could be 4 hours late!

GdP Software


WordDecryptor by Thegrideon Software allows you to reset MS Word document and template (*.dot, *.doc) passwords with guarantee.

The unique feature of this tool is the ability to process any number of Word files simultaneously without any noticeable affect on performance.arrow WordDecryptor works with all MS Word documents saved with Office 97/2000 Compatible encryption. (*.doc files saved from Word 2007/2010 and Word XP/2003 files saved with the default settings are compatible).

WordDecryptor Features :

  • Word document decryption technology with guaranteed results. more info
  • Works with the document passwords regardless of the length and complexity.
  • Allows simultaneous processing of multiple files.
  • Recovers MS Word document write-protection (write-reservation) passwords instantly.
  • Highly optimized code guarantees maximum performance. more info
  • Supports up to 32 simultaneous processing threads (multi-CPU, multi-core and HT).
  • Utilizes NVIDIA and AMD GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) for processing acceleration.
  • Guaranteed Decryption Service is available.
The Grideon