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ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 allows you to monitor any type of IP-based Protocol database suite on any server or workstation. It is the leading solution for monitoring every aspect of your LAN and WAN network. It proactively manages your network servers, printers, network devices, applications, databases and more.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is a complete monitoring solution. Regardless of what you want to monitor, ActiveXperts Network Monitor supports it all at a cost-effective price.

You can monitor any of the following IP based protocols:

DNS - FTP - HTTP - HTTPs - ICMP Ping - IMAP MailServer - LDAP - NNTP - NTP - POP3 - SMTP - SMTP to POP3 Roundtrip - SNMP GET - SNMP Traps - TCP - TFTP - Miscellaneous other

When problems are detected, you're immediately notified by network message, e-mail, pager, or SMS message. When a failure is detected, the network monitor tool will try to recover the problem by running a system administrator defined program or by restarting a process.

The product includes build-in monitor rules for: Active Directory, ADO databases, ADSI, Disk Drives, CPU Usage, Disk Spaces, Event Log (with content checking), Exchange, File Existence (with content checking), FTP sites, HTTP(s) (with content checking), ICMP/Ping, MS SQL Databases, Novell NDS, NNTP news servers, NTDS (NT4 compatible DS), NTP time servers, ODBC Databases, Oracle Databases (SQLNet), POP3 Mail servers, PowerShell, Printers, Processes, Services, SMTP Mail servers, SNMP, TCP ports (with handshaking), UDP, UNIX Shell Scripts (RSH), VBScript (custom scripts), WMI and more.

1st Mass Mailer

1st Mail Server is a fast and secure Professional SMTP/POP3 server program. It runs as an unattended Windows service and can be easily configured using an accompanying Graphical User interface.

You can use this program in many environments ranging from a corporate mail server to a standalone SMTP relay for your laptop. It will accept mail on behalf of your users and store it, until your users will retrieve it using POP3. Our main purpose in developing this server was to deliver the easiest possible configuration, robustness and security while allowing you to be able to tweak any advanced features you want. We have completely redesigned internal engine of the server and made every possible effort to make it as fast and secure as possible. This way you will be able to concentrate on your day to day tasks instead of trying to tweak your mail server. Any mail client like Outlook, Netscape Mail, Incredimail or Eudora can be used to send email using this server. It has a lot of security features and options that will allow you to protect the server from DDoS attacks as well as safely block majority of the SPAM and spammers. SMTP and POP3 servers work as NT services therefore they will keep working in the logoff mode. For software debugging and testing purposes, the program has a testing mode you can use to check if your email clients work correctly. You can have multiple SMTP gateways in your server if you travel a lot with your laptop. This way, even if you cannot deliver your email directly to the destination, you will still be able to send it using one of the gateways. One of the new features we have recently added provides for parameterized mailing list management. This is not present in any of the other SMTP servers. Using this feature you can actually use this server as a mass mailer. You can create as many parameterized mailing lists as you like and customize each message with up to 50 freeform parameters.


ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus offers a 100% web-based solution to meet the Active Directory management requirements. It allows creation and modification of multiple users, groups, contact in AD by hiding the complexities of the native Active Directory tools. Its role-based security model enables effective management of security permissions with ease.

The comprehensive reports provide a quick insight of the Active Directory objects. The powerful search facility helps in determining the permissions granted for a specific Active Directory object.

The search can be made on a specific AD object, for a specific user and on the permissions the user has. This helps in auditing on defined security permissions for a specific AD object or for a specific user.

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Admin Report Kit for Internet Information Server 7.x (ARKIIS)

ARK for IIS 7 (ARKIIS) is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators.

ARKIIS presents Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.x (IIS 7.5 / IIS 7.0 ) configuration information from the IIS 7.x configuration store in the form of Trees, Tables and Views. All categories of information reported by ARKIIS are available across multiple web servers and websites. ARKIIS is particularly useful in monitoring and tracking web servers that have a large number of websites, virtual directories and associated configuration settings.

ARKIIS latest version supports Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.x (IIS 7.5 / IIS 7.0).

Key Benefits

  • No agent installation. Information on remote IIS servers is collected, processed and displayed on the same machine where ARKIIS is installed.
  • Information is conveniently organized into separate Tab Views and Fields. For example, information about all websites and virtual directories and their settings can be seen in a single view, instead of navigating one site or directory at a time.
  • Compare the configuration settings of different web servers, websites, virtual directories, security information.
  • Create your own custom reports with fields external to IIS and also periodically scan for new web sites added in IIS.
  • Filter unwanted fields and select the desired fields to view.
  • Apply powerful conditional queries to get a narrow subset of information.
  • Prepare and Print tabular management reports. Webmasters & IIS Administrators will be able to precisely define, view, print and present IIS configuration reports.

Advanced SMTP Server

Advanced SMTP Server is a system-tray local SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer to recipient mailboxes.

Along with a subscription-based mass mailer the program can be used as a relay server for sending requested newsletters, distributing messages to different mailing lists, sending notifications to your customers, as well as for sending personalized messages. You can use it instead of your ISP's SMTP server to increase your security an privacy. Advanced SMTP Server supports all email programs like Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, etc. The email program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way - just by using the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Having done so, you can send messages in a usual manner. Advanced SMTPServer is very fast, while sending, it establishes dozens of SMTP connections, and gets the most out of your Internet connection. The user interface of the program is very easy to learn, excellent documentation is included.


AIOCP (All In One Control Panel)

AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a powerful yet easy to use application for Web Site Management (Web Content Management System - CMS).

It is also suitable as a development framework for Web-based solutions. Whether you need a basic website but still want to manage the content yourself, or you have a big company website, AIOCP may dramatically simplify your work.

AIOCP is a FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) for:

  • Website Management System (WMS).
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Framework for web application developement.
  • E-Commerce Management System (ECMS).

Keeping your website up-to-date with current content is critical, yet the costs and complexity can be prohibitive. AIOCP solves these problems by giving you back direct control of your website's services, content and layout with an easy to use control panel.Powered by AIOCP (All In One Control Panel)

AutoFTP Professional

AutoFTP Professional is a file transfer client for Windows. AutoFTP Pro helps you to automate your file transfers between your computer and FTP servers.

For the novice, software intuitive interface and features make it easy to set up and use. For the power user AutoFTP Professional affords the simplicity of wizards that make it easy to set up and use complex and automated file transfers.

  • FTP Assistant: easily and quickly set up upload and download tasks.
  • FTP Scheduler: schedule auto-recurring file transfer or transfers for any future date and time
  • FTP Transfer Manager: define downloads and uploads of multiple files from various server directories and web sites.
  • Read more: ftp features, ftp tour


Caching saves bandwidth and server resources because it reduces network traffic. This is why shared (proxy) caches exist on the Internet and corporate intranets.

Cache Files the Right Way: Faster Sites & Better Server Availability
Dramatically reduce page load time & increase visitor retention

Caching saves bandwidth and server resources because it reduces network traffic. This is why shared (proxy) caches exist on the Internet and corporate intranets.

Infrastructure providers and corporate IT departments make extensive investments in caching technology because the savings are too great to pass up.Save time deploying & delegating cache control

Given normal Web browsing conditions, a cached object will always load faster than an uncached one. Our testing shows that an uncached image can take 0.5 seconds to be verified by an origin server - multiply this lag by the number of images on a page, and your users could be waiting a very long time indeed.

Port80 Software

CuteFTP Pro

CuteFTP Pro is a powerful FTP client for Windows. It enables you to connect and transfer files securely using industry-standard encryption protocols. You can transfer files quickly using CuteFTP Pro’s multipart transfer and simultaneous connections. Easily manage and maintain your Web site with the built-in HTML editor, Folder Synchronization, Folder Monitor, Site Backup, and Compression tools. CuteFTP Pro also lets you schedule, automate, and prioritize transfers via a transfer queue. CuteFTP Pro is Windows XP Logo certified.


Distinct Network Monitor

Distinct Network Monitor translates complex protocol negotiation into natural language, pinpointing where errors occurred. Not only is it easier to use than any other competing products, but it also translates the packet negotiation into natural language, something no other network protocol analyzer does.

Distinct Network Monitor also captures several network traffic statistics for the network segment being monitored and provides a graphical representation of the statistics gathered.

This feature may be used together with packet sniffing or on its own. When used on its own, the statistics can potentially span most of the network if Distinct Agents are installed on one system per subnet or switch.

Feature Summary: Captures network traffic and interprets it in plain English. Gives an intelligent interpretation of what actually happened on the network. Imports packet trace files taken with other networks analyzers and views them in Distinct’s plain English format. Supports high speed and wireless networks. Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet and wireless TCP/IP adapters and 4/16 Token Ring cards. Works over serial line with a PPP connection. It allows you to filter at any level. You may filter the capture itself to avoid the collection of unnecessary packets and reduce the size of your capture. You may also filter a captured file and save the packets filtered to a new, smaller, more manageable file. Has a Remote IP Sniffing capability through its Agents. Gathers statistics related to the traffic seen by the system it is running on. It includes the ability to produce statistical reports in HTML format. Exports the network packet trace. This allows you to make use of the data gathered right in your application. Packet header information may be exported in a comma separated format (CSV) for use with Excel or imported into a database. Supports a wide range of protocols. It includes parsers for the most important protocols of the Internet including IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, H323, SIP, etc.

Easy SMTP Server

Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PCwhile you are traveling around the world!

Every time you change yourlocation connecting your PC to different Internet Service Providers(ISPs), you must reconfigure your e-mail program to be able to sendmessages via different SMTP servers you have to use.

Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Every time you change your location connecting your PC to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you must reconfigure your e-mail program to be able to send messages via different SMTP servers you have to use. Easy SMTP Server is a simple easy-to-use program working in background that lets you send e-mail messages directly from your PC bypassing ISP's SMTP servers. Using this program instead of your ISP's SMTP server you will increase your e-mail security and privacy as well as get rid of annoying change of settings for your e-mail program. Easy SMTP Server is easy to configure! The e-mail program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way - just use the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Having done it, you can send messages in a usual manner. Easy SMTP Server is supported by all email programs including Outlook Express and Eudora. Easy SMTP Server is very fast! It may serve multitude of SMTP connections concurrently to use your Internet connection up to maximum. The user interface of the program is very easy to learn, excellent documentation is included. Try our Easy SMTP Server for free.

Major features:

  • It is the essential tool for laptop PC;
  • Provides e-mail security and privacy;
  • Supports multitude of SMTP connections concurrently;
  • It is easy to use and configure;
  • It is very fast;

Internet software:

  • Rich Mailer - easy and fast subscription-based email mass mailer;
  • 1st Mail Sender - smart subscription-based email bulk mailer;
  • Easy SMTP Server - secure and reliable way to send e-mail from laptop PC;
  • Complete Mail Server - professional SMTP/POP3 mail server suite;
  • Laptop Mail Server - mobile SMTP/POP3 mail server suite;
  • Internet Access Manager - connectivity tool.
SoftFolder Inc.

Email Privacy

Send email messages directly to recipient mailboxes.

Did you know that when you send your email messages, they do not go directly to the recipient mailboxes? Did you know that first of all, your Internet Service Provider gets all your email messages, stores them somewhere on its mail servers and then delivers the messages to your recipients leaving copies of your messages in its database? Do you know that someday all the information kept on the servers can be easily used against you? Email Privacy is a system-tray local SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your PC to recipient mailboxes ensuring your email privacy and security by means of bypassing your ISP's mail servers where your relevant information can be stored and viewed. Did you also know that when you send an email message to a list of email addresses, the respondents can see each other in the email message header? You think it is secure? While sending, Email Privacy always breaks email messages addressed to a group of people to individual messages ensuring your privacy and privacy of your respondents. Moreover, Email Privacy even does not leave any traces on your PC because it just gets your email messages from your email client and puts them in the recipient mailboxes at the same time without making any temporarry files on your PC. Email Privacy supports all email programs like Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, etc. The email program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way - just by using the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Having done so, you can send messages in a usual manner. The user interface of the program is very easy to learn, excellent documentation is included. Install Email Privacy on your PC before it is too late!



CrossTec EMS provides modular, easy to integrate, desktop & user management tools; Straightforward software distribution; Powerful HW/SW inventory and asset management; Secure, cross-platform, remote control; Plus Internet and application metering, monitoring & reporting.

Create PC usage, Internet access and Inventory reports by user, department, group or company. Monitor & alert on network changes.

Find newly installed HW & SW; Locate available hard drive storage; See CPU, BIOS, memory and even available slots.

CrossTec Corp.

Expired Domain Sleuth

Expired Domain Sleuth goes through the whole cycle with you forfinding valuable domain names.

First, find expired domain names by usinga database of expired and onhold domains. Or find domains that are listedon any of the majore search engines or directories. Do a domain name checkto check domain name availability. Next filter the domains by doingchecking links, validating links, choose only Yahoo Google or DMOZlistings, domains containing words or numbers, or filter based on .com,net, .org...etc. Broken website links can indicate an abandoned domain.
Check the link popularity of your domains to see all expired domains withtraffic. This expired domain software has sorted columns and allows you tocheck whois, register domains, view sites linking into your domain, and ismulti-threaded for super fast execution.

Manage your most valuable domains in a long term "monitoring spreadsheet".Check back to see if the domains have become available for registration.Save different lists in different files for maximum management.
This is a great all-around software management tool for getting expireddomains with traffic.


MaxMind is a leading OEM provider of IP intelligence data to companies who use it to create value added services.

MaxMind GeoIP2 offerings identify the location and other characteristics of Internet users for a wide range of applications including content personalization, fraud detection, ad targeting, traffic analysis, compliance, geo-targeting, geo-fencing and digital rights management.


G-Lock EasyMail Profcessor

G-Lock E-mail Processor is used by businesses of all sizes to parse and extract data from messages, process email attachments, manage bounced and unsubscribe emails, convert message and more.

G-Lock Software Email Processor

Want a Convenient and Easy Way to Automate Processing of Incoming Email Flow, Without Spending a Single Minute of Your Working Time?

G-Lock E-mail Processor is used by businesses of all sizes to parse and extract data from messages, process email attachments, manage bounced and unsubscribe emails, convert message content into database records, process emails from local or network folders and much more, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rather than having to check each email manually, G-Lock Email Parser automatically checks your accounts on a regular basis and processes each message in the background, freeing up your valuable time.

This solution combines an unrivaled feature set with world-class support and virtually infinite flexibility, at a fraction of the price charged for competitive programs.

G-Lock Software

HTTPWatch 3.0

HttpWatch collects and displays in-depth HTTP information as Internet Explorer downloads web pages and images.

It makes it easy to view headers, cookies and other useful information without having to use custom proxies or complex network monitoring tools. And unlike most other logging tools, it can even show the details of requests made using secure SSL channels (where the web site address starts with https:) or HTTP compression.

HttpWatch integrates with Internet Explorer as an Explorer Bar so that you can view HTTP activity as you access websites on the internet or your local network.

Simtec Limited


  ipMonitor: Turnkey availability monitoring designed for small businesses
  to ensure your network, servers, & applications are always up!

To keep on top of what's happening with all of those moving parts, youneed an easy-to-use, reliable monitoring solution that enables you toget a leg up on problems before you get swamped with calls from thosehigh-maintenance users over in accounting.

ipMonitor delivers out-of-the-box availability monitoring that isperfect for small- and medium-sized businesses. With ipMonitor, youalways know exactly what's happening with your applications, servers,and network devices. Plus, ipMonitor includes a built-in database andWeb server, so you don't need to install anything but ipMonitor - makingit fast, affordable, and easy, even if you don't have a PhD in networkmanagement.

ipMonitor Highlights:

  • Quickly discovers IP-based network devices and automatically recommends SmartMonitor settings for each device - a huge time savings as no manual configuration is required
  • Performs out-of-the-box monitoring of Active Directory®, DNS, Microsoft® Exchange, FTP, Web, IMAP, MS SQL Server™, SMTP, and more
  • Enables both logical and dynamic grouping of devices to facilitate organization and management
  • Monitors end-user experience with synthetic transactions
  • Creates customizable network maps that enable you to visually monitor network data and to drill down to take immediate corrective actions
  • Automates recovery and remediation actions to reduce downtime
  • Provides a cutting-edge user interface and dashboard that enable you to quickly get a clear view of the health of your network and application infrastructure
  • Leverages SNMP, WMI, and RPC for agent-less monitoring of critical applications and systems

Mail Commander Pro

Mail Commander Pro (Professional Edition) is sophisticated, but it's also very simple to use and you can easily customize the interface and layout to fit your messaging needs.

Our email program is a super-fast portable e-mail software with user-friendly interface and extensive message selection capabilities - delete, copy, or transfer messages by simply dragging the mouse over them.

Mail Commander Pro is like a virtual secretary - but one that never sleeps. it saves you time because it takes care of repetitive tasks automatically. What's more, Mail Commander can process data from website forms, allowing you to easily build and manage mailing lists and process client and customer information. This makes the program a must have if you are involved in business and marketing. But it's also a powerful tool for personal mail, especially if you have a large group of contacts.

Internet Soft

Mailing List Deluxe

Mailing List Deluxe is a powerful tool in any marketing and communications arsenal. You simply write one message and send it to your whole mailing list.

The program's real power, however, is in its ability to personalize your communications. You can address everyone on your list by their first name, if you so choose. Or you can include other details, such as the town or city where they live (so long as you actually have that information in your customer database).

This makes for great customer and client relations - and has been shown to boost sales. Best of all, personalization is done at the click of a button - no tedious copying and pasting.

Mailing List Deluxe is a must-have marketing tool, whatever line of business you're in. It lets you fire out personalized e-mail shots to existing and prospective customers and is ideal for sending out newsletters and ezines. It's also a very powerful PR (public relations) tool - press releases can be whizzed off to the media in minutes.

Mailing List Deluxe has a built-in SMTP server - which means you can send mail directly without the need for an ISP server. This is useful if you are sending mail to large lists of recipients because some ISPs don't allow you to send thousands of messages at any one time

The program supports multi-part html messages with embedded images, combined text and html messages, and has a WYSIWYG html message editor built in. But if you prefer to use your own HTML editor, you can simply paste your work into MailList Deluxe and it will be reproduced seamlessly (which is more than can be said for many similar bulk mailer programs). You can also send custom attachments to each recipient.

MailList Deluxe has many helpful tools to help you manage your lists. These include:

  • List filtering - exclude and include addresses - handy for separating customers from prospects.
  • Duplicate deletion - weed out and delete duplicate e-mail addresses in a flash.
  • Word and character replacement - a big help for cleaning up lists.
  • Creates lists from different types of text files (such as comma and tab separated).
  • Exports and imports lists from MS Excel.
  • Verifies e-mail addresses - checks the e-mails on your list are lives ones.
  • Supports multiple SMTP/POP3 accounts and has a built-in editor to process list mail recipients.
  • List Scheduler - send mailing list on given time.

We offer three program options:

  • MailList Express (Standard Edition)
  • MailList Express Pro (Professional Edition)
  • MailList Deluxe (Deluxe Edition)

MM3-WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser

Proxy Offline Browser is a personal proxy server sitting behind your regular browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera - whatever!), silently and speedily handling all the network traffic.

Proxy Offline Browser

MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserWebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser is a neat trick. By passing all your web traffic through MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserWebAssistant, you instantly and transparently build a copy of all the pages you visit - so they're yours to surf offline whenever you like. There's no difference between surfing the web and surfing your archive; you can even use your bookmarks or search your pages offline when you don't have a network connection. When online the proxy updates your cached web pages and adds new pages automatically. This feature distinguishes the utility from most other offline browsers.

How it works

MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser - Archiving by Browsing

MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserWebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser is a personal proxy server sitting behind your regular browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera - whatever!), silently and speedily handling all the network traffic. Each time you click on a link, MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserWebAssistant displays the page as normal, but also adds it to an archive on your disk enabling offline access, bookmarking and searching.

Unlike most offline browsers, you don't have to specifically tell MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserWebAssistant to capture a website - it remembers everything you see, automatically adding new pages to the cache. And when you're back online, MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserWebAssistant updates your cached pages (in the background) so you've always got the latest version to hand.


Netmon is a comprehensive network monitoring appliance which gives you a complete perspective of your network from a variety of vantage points.

Imagine adding a thousand pairs of eyes to your network, each working 24hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor critical operational metrics:

  • Protocol Analysis and Packet Capture
  • Network Traffic and Activity Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Device Monitoring and Management (SNMP)
  • Service Monitoring
  • Disk and Volume Monitoring
  • Syslog and Event Log Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Cisco Netflow Analysis and Reporting
  • Email and Pager Notification / Alerts
  • Environmental Monitoring

Netmon lets you intuitively explore the activity on your network with smartgraphical tools like the Visual Network Explorer. A built-in email and pageralert system is designed to keep administrators informed of importantevents.

Netmon Inc.

Nofeel FTP Server

Nofeel FTP Server is a powerful, secure and easy-to-use FTP server program specially written for Windows.

With nice and professional interface, you are easy to let others to download or upload files on your computer through the File Transfer Protocol(FTP). Nofeel FTP Server offers high stability and performance, at the same time consumes little system resource. You can view server's real-time statictics, and can also edit server settings easily. SSL secure-FTP function also supported, so never need to worry about your data security now!

Ting Xu


An open, flexible server monitoring solution, op5 Monitor helps you take control over your IT from the basement servers to the hybrid cloud. op5 Monitor provides a single, unified view of your entire network infrastructure for better data analysis, more efficient problem resolution, and better performance for end users.

Key Features:

  • Meets hybridization challenges
  • Intuitive user interface and reports
  • Monitors servers, availability and performance
  • Unified view
  • Monitor virtual resources and infrastructures
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud monitoring
  • Flexible and scalable to grow with your enterprise


Robo-FTP is a script-driven FTP client for Windows that performs automatic, unattended file transfers with remote FTP servers.

Robo-FTP's script language, featuring more than 80 commands, performs the simplest file upload up to more complex multi-step file transfers with error detection, retries, and detailed logging. Of course, Robo-FTP has all the basic FTP protocol features that you’d expect, like the resumption of broken transfers and passive/active mode operation. Advanced script features include “hot” sending or receiving of files as they appear in designated directories, the ability to send and receive e-mail messages based on file transfer results, and the ability to compare local and server files by date/time and size. Robo-FTP has a simple built-in FTP client applet for general use and to assist in the testing of scripts. Robo-FTP also includes a Script File Wizard that creates basic script files automatically by way of a simple step-by-step "fill in the blank" procedure.

Site Inspector

Site Inspector is a Web browser that combines the two most frequently used browser engines (Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Gecko) into one program.

Its advanced web page analysis features make it the perfect companion for webmasters and web developers.

With Site Inspector’s very own browser, the Analyzing Browser, users can switch between the two browser engines with just one mouse click, e.g., to compare the rendering of a page in both browsers. The sophisticated web page analysis functions - which also integrate into Internet Explorer and Firefox - make analyzing and debugging web sites easy.

Whenever you access a web page using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Site Inspector's browser you will find a wealth of analysis functions in the toolbars and menus. For example:

  • For any given URL, users can access lists of the images, forms, links, frames, metatags, or the scripts of a web page as well as the HTML source and HTTP headers.
  • Using the Highlight function, users can mark any HTML tag with a colored border inside the rendered web page (e.g., to show all TD tags in a page). An invaluable tool for web designers.
  • A pixel grid as well as guide lines can be shown in a web page.
  • All image tags and link URLs can be shown right inside a web page.
  • HTML sources and Javascript files are shown using syntax highlighting.
  • You can copy the page URL, page title, page source, list of URLs, and even the page as a bitmap to the clipboard.
  • The browser window can be resized to various standard screen sizes (e.g. 800x600) and you can zoom into a web page.
  • A fine selection of tools that are available online (e.g. "CSS/HTML validation", "link checking", "ping the server", "traceroute the server", "show domain owner", "W3C markup validation") is already included and can be customized.
Paessler GmbH

Spam Filter for ISP

SpamFilter is used by ISPs and companies running their SMTP servers.

It is designed to be a proxy to your incoming SMTP server receiving all e-mails addressed to your domain. If the sender's IP is not black-listed in DNS-MAPS based block lists then the e-mail is forwarded to your MTA. Domain exclusions can be added to allow specific domains as senders.

LogSat Software

TFTP Server for Windows

WinAgents TFTP Service for Windows is a fully-realized TFTP server for Windows.

Do you often need to update the software (flash image) on your network devices? How often to you need to make reserve copies of your routers? Network administrators know that to cope with everyday routine they need a reliable and secure TFTP server. WinAgents TFTP Service has been specially designed for you and guarantees the ultimate performance and reliability for your work.

WinAgents TFTP Service runs as a background task and doesn't require permanent attendance. It has been originally designed to work in 24x7 background operation mode. Using WinAgents TFTP Service, you can make reserve copies of device settings, update flash images, store sound files for IVR systems and perform other useful operations.

Key features of WinAgents TFTP Service for Windows:

  • Platform: Any Windows platform (except WinCE). TFTP Service is running as background task.
  • Implemented as a system Windows NT/2000 service
  • Fully compatible with RFC1350, RFC2347 and RFC2349
  • Runs as a background "around-the-clock" task
  • Ensures flexible access rights setup according to client's IP-address
  • Support firewalls: the sever allows indicating the range of UDP-ports, used for transmitting the data. This allows network administrators to regulate firewall rules, approving the traffic, generated by the server.
  • Full TFTP option support. The server filly supports the options 'tsize', 'blocksize' and 'timeout', which enables the administrators to reach the maximum performance, when transferring the data.
  • An option of setting a highest precedence for the sever process. This option is used in systems with a large number of TFTP-clients and helps to assist them with the maximum speed.
  • Contains graphic utilities for server setup and server status control
  • High-performance multithreaded architecture

Total Network Inventory

Total Network Inventory will collect the information about all remote computers on a network with a touch of a button. No on-site visits are necessary. Inventory machines on a corporate network as if you were sitting in front of them!

Total Network Inventory is a PC audit and Network inventory software for office and large scale enterprise networks.

Total Network Inventory interrogates all computers on a network and reports back with complete information about OS, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software, running processes, etc. on remote machines. This information is added to the centralized database and network administrators are able to generate reports about each or all PCs on a network. The program is agent-free and requires no software installed on remote machines.

TRITON Enterprise

Websense TRITON Enterprise protects on-site and remote employees from the latest threats in a unified, hybrid solution.

You can add Websense CyberSecurity Intelligence™ (CSI) services to get online malware sandboxing and direct access to Websense Security Labs™ threat researchers.

And as with all TRITON solutions, you get:

  • Unified Architecture
  • Unified Security Intelligence
  • Unified Policy and Reporting

Top Features

Web Security Gateway Anywhere

  • Websense TruHybrid™ deployment protects entire networks, including headquarters, branch offices and remote and mobile users. It enables provisioning through one unified interface.
  • Websense TruWeb DLP™ capability prevents data loss and enables compliance. It includes unique features such as geo-location destination awareness and detection of criminal encrypted uploads, password file data theft, and slow data leaks (“drip” DLP). Other highlights include natural language processing, advanced machine learning and more than 1,600 policies and templates.
  • Gateway threat analysis uses real-time, inline security analysis from Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) and threat intelligence from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud to defend against advanced malware, blended threats and spam.

Email Security Gateway Anywhere

  • Websense TruHybrid™ deployment conserves your network bandwidth by removing spam and threats from inbound email in the cloud. TruHybrid™ deployment is ISO 27001 certified and provides 99.999% service availability and 99% or higher spam detection.
  • Websense TruEmail DLP™ capability offers enterprise-level protection against data theft and data loss for the SMTP channel. It includes natural language processing, data fingerprinting, mobile email DLP, incident forensics reporting, and more than 1,600 built-in templates for compliance to prevent confidential data from leaving the corporate network via email.
  • URL sandboxing provides point-of-click threat analysis by isolating suspicious links embedded in emails and analyzing their destination when users click on them.

Data Security Suite

  • Websense PreciseID™ technology identifies and classifies more than 370 different file types and formats — even when content is cut and pasted from one format to another. In conjunction with the Websense ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud, PreciseID technology enables Data Security Suite to protect confidential data and prevent information leaks.
  • Over 1,600 pre-defined policies and over 1,100 pre-defined content classifiers help identify and protect sensitive information.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) identifies sensitive data embedded within images and prevents loss.

Web Transaction Monitor for IPHost NM

Web Transaction Monitor allows end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops, by simulating the steps of real user activity so the tool lets you constantly monitor real user experience to be sure your online shop or enterprise web application performs well. The tool notifies you if performance becomes unacceptable.

Web Transaction Monitor allows end-to-end monitoringof web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops, bysimulating the steps of real user activity.

The tool lets you constantly monitor real user experience to be sure your online shop or enterprise web application performs well. The tool notifies you ifperformance becomes unacceptable.

Typical web transactions are customer logins,navigation through a product catalog, products search, orderfulfillment, submitting different types of web forms, and other userinteractions with a website or web application. The Web Transactionmonitor add-on for IPHost Network Monitor supports monitoring of thefunctionality listed above. It can check pages with a dynamicallygenerated content (product catalog); page request parameters can also bedynamic (generated by a server session or specified by the user), itsupports form submission, logging into a web application or e-commercesite, admin panel actions, and so on.

The Web transaction recorder (which looks and acts like a web browser)lets you create a monitor by simply navigating through the web pageswhich use the functionality you'd like to monitor. The Replay functionprovides you with the ability to visually check that web transactionrecording goes flawlessly and the resulting monitor will work correctly.This function is extremely helpful when you have been notified aboutperformance or availability problems with your application; replayingthe same request sequence in the recorder helps you to understand whichsteps are OK and which are not as well as to validate the fixes youmight have made to restore the operability of your application.

Other features of IPHost Network Monitor. Supported Monitoring Methods:

  • SNMP v1/v2/v3
  • WMI - CPU load, available memory, traffic in/out, custom WMI script
  • Web sites and services monitoring - HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST requests including response validation, FTP
  • Database servers - Oracle, MySQL native support, other databases via ODBC
  • Mail - SMTP including actual sending of e-mail, POP3, IMAP
  • File size
  • Disc space
  • Windows service availability
  • Basic connectivity checks - PING, TCP connect, UDP datagram send/receive
  • Running a script or program, including Nagios plugins
  • Remote execution of a script or program via SSH

Supported Alerting Methods:

  • Send e-mail
  • Send SMS (text message) over GSM modem / cell phone
  • Send SMS (text message) over email
  • Execution of a script or program (for automatic problem resolving)
  • Remote execution of a script via SSH
  • Setting SNMP variable value (SNMP SET command)
  • Play sound (both on the host computer and in the Web interface)
  • Show pop-up message
  • Send Jabber message
  • Send ICQ message
  • Send AOL IM message

WebSpy Vantage

WebSpy Vantage is a web reporting tool that automates the process of importing log data from over 200 common network devices, transforming it into useful information, and securely delivering meaningful reports to the right person.

Investigate web browsing activity and network issues faster

WebSpy Vantage saves network and system administrators time when reporting on web usage, investigating bandwidth issues, Internet misuse, and other network problems. Don’t trawl through log files. Generate a useful report with the key information you need to know about.

Increase Visibility of Internet Activity

WebSpy Vantage can open your eyes to network behaviour you never knew existed. Our customers are frequently surprised to see activity on sites they thought were blocked, high volumes of unauthenticated traffic, or people using the web inappropriately. Vantage helps you identify and investigate this activity to keep your network happy and healthy.

Save time and off-load reporting

Delegating the responsibility of keeping track of employee productivity down to department mangers, with set-and-forget automated reporting.

Less software, less learning, less maintenance

Don’t mess around with a variety of sub-standard web reporting tools with limited scope and purpose. WebSpy Vantage is a single application for all web reporting requirements. This means you spend less on software maintenance, hardware and administration.



WS_FTP is a standard FTP client for Windows sockets. The graphical interface was designed with the novice FTP user in mind, but there are also advanced features for power users.

WS_FTP Pro provides advanced support for handling frequently visited FTP sites, time-outs, port numbers, passive file transfers, and firewalls. It also automatically resumes interrupted transfers and includes file maintenance options to help prevent overwriting files. The program also enables remote-to-remote transfers and has command-line support for automating file maintenance operations.


WS_FTP Server

WS_FTP Server is a full-featured FTP server for Windows NT systems designed to complement WS_FTP Pro. With WS_FTP Server, you can create an FTP site that makes files and folders on your PC available to other users.

It includes a full feature set, has a graphical interface, and meets the current Internet standards for file transfer protocol. It is also reliable enough for anonymous file distribution on a large scale and secure enough for corporate file sharing.
Other features include remote administration, configurable security options, auto re-get, virtual servers, user databases, and command line Add User utility. In addition, WS_FTP Server runs as an NT service for automatic start-up and secure no-logon operation.



ZipEnable enables native HTTP compression on IIS.

Speed Up Your Web Sites
Unlock and Extend the Native Compression Features in IIS 6.0

HTTP compression speeds up file delivery, reduces bandwidth costs, and reduces server load. ZipEnable extends the built-in "On/Off" compression in IIS 6.0. The native compression is fast, incurs minimal resource penalties, and is included in the purchase of the OS.

However, there are drawbacks to the built-in tools:

Without ZipEnable
  • No browser compatibility checking. Without this feature, you risk sending compressed content to a browser incapable of decompression.
  • Limited configuration options.
  • No graphical interface for most controls.
With ZipEnable
  • Verify browser compatibility in real time.
  • Quickly deploy HTTP compression with ZipEnable's configuration wizard.
  • Granularly manage compression at the global, site, directory, and file levels – without writing a single line of code or editing the IIS metabase.
  • Save time deploying & delegating cache control

    Given normal Web browsing conditions, a cached object will always load faster than an uncached one. Our testing shows that an uncached image can take 0.5 seconds to be verified by an origin server - multiply this lag by the number of images on a page, and your users could be waiting a very long time indeed.

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