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Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids.

It is based on a hierarchical design targeted at federations of clusters. It leverages widely used technologies such as XML for data representation, XDR for compact, portable data transport, and RRDtool for data storage and visualization. It uses carefully engineered data structures and algorithms to achieve very low per-node overheads and high concurrency. The implementation is robust, has been ported to an extensive set of operating systems and processor architectures, and is currently in use on thousands of clusters around the world. It has been used to link clusters across university campuses and around the world and can scale to handle clusters with 2000 nodes.


GFI MAX RemoteManagement

GFI MAX RemoteManagement(tm) delivers an easy, affordable solution for IT support providers, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who wish to take better care of their clients at less cost.

GFI MAX RemoteManagement helps you grow your business, make more money, attract more customers and tie wandering break/fix customers to you - and makes it easy.

What's more, this RMM tool has been built for use by any business model. Whether you're break/fix, support bank or managed services, MAX helps you deliver superior IT support services.

Our remote management software is built for MSPs and IT Support companies of all sizes. No matter what business model you're running, our comprehensive RMM software will help you deliver a superior service to your customers.MAX helps you cut costs

Boost efficiencies and cut operational costs with automation and address issues proactively with instant alerts and Daily Health Checks. With GFI MAX RemoteManagement you can automate time-consuming manual checks on event logs, disk space, file sizes, Exchange® and more.MAX keeps you focused on clients

GFI Software

Knowledge Vault

Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based analytics, auditing, reporting and management platform for organizations that are looking for an easy and affordable way to optimize and secure their Microsoft Office 365 application suite and popular cloud-based storage systems.

Provides discovery, auditing, analytics and management in an advanced and cost-effective solution that enables cloud administrators and IT managers to obtain valuable information about all aspects of their cloud-based mail and storage systems.

The Knowledge Vault platform empowers Microsoft partners to manage their client environments through a single online service, and gives IT administrators the visibility and control they need over Microsoft Office 365.

Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS)

With the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS), you can monitor and manage all business applications, from the datacenter to the cloud, including SaaS, hosted, and virtualized environments—all with a single product, architecture, and console.

Today’s business applications are running on SaaS, cloud, and managed environments, as well as in virtualized environments and the legacy datacenter.

NMS delivers the visibility needed to monitor and manage performance across all these environments - making it the one solution that can address all of today’s monitoring needs, and those arising in the future.

With its combination of comprehensive coverage, ease of use, and scalability, NMS enables organizations to leverage existing and emerging technologies and services, with unprecedented agility and ROI.

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Nimsoft, Inc.


Site24x7 is an online website monitoring service which continuously checks the availability of your websites and web apps at regular time intervals from across 35 different monitoring locations.

If your site is found to be down or unavailable, it immediately notifies you via Email, SMS, Twitter or RSS so that you can take corrective actions quickly before it affects end users.

It comes with a 15 day free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also monitor two websites at 60 minutes poll interval for free using the Free account.

Some of the key features of Site24x7 includes:

  • Website Availability Testing
  • Website Performance Testing
  • Web Application Monitoring
  • Mail Server Monitoring
  • Web Page Analyzer
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • VMware Monitoring
  • Monitor your Internal Network
  • DNS Server Monitoring
  • TCP Connect, Ping and Port Monitoring
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring
  • FTP/SFTP Monitoring
  • Global Website Monitoring Network
  • SLA Management
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Data Import/Export
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Mobile Access
  • Multi-Language
  • Performance Metrics
  • Uptime Reporting
  • Downtime Reporting
  • Email / Twitter / SMS Alerts
  • Alert History
  • Customiziable Alert Templates
  • Contact Grouping
  • Operations Dashboard
  • Multi-user Management

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